Prosperity Monthly Payment Plan

Invest in property with no lump sum deposit using our unique monthly payment plan.

Offering the only monthly property payment plan on the market, we’re able to welcome a far wider reaching investor audience, who buy-in to our belief that this tangible, bricks and mortar asset should form part of every investors spread of investments.

Prosperity offer two unique payment plans providing flexibility and security whilst making property investment more convenient and affordable for you:

1. The Pay Monthly Deposit Builder Plan 

2. Our Developer Finance Payment Plan 

The Pay Monthly Deposit Builder Plan.

When buying any off-plan investment property you will be required to place a ‘Deposit’. This forms your Equity in that property. At Prosperity, clients place a total Deposit of 35% of the property value. This is divided into 5% of the purchase price paid upon Reservation, and 30% paid during the Construction Phase – typically 24 months.

The 30% is divided into 24 affordable monthly instalments. This means that you don’t have to have a lump sum on hand to secure market leading property opportunities. Instead, you can build your deposit month by month, akin to a Savings Plan. 

When the property is ready we can help you in securing a buy-to-let mortgage. The 35% Deposit you have established will provide you with a good range of mortgage options. Alternatively you could complete your purchase with cash. 

This unique payment plan has enabled thousands of investors to begin their property wealth building journey. The convenience and flexibility of the plan means that many investors complete one purchase and begin the next. In the course of a decade you could secure five properties – a solid foundation for your future retirement. 

Our Developer Finance Payment Plan.

This payment plan sees buyers place a total Deposit of 70% of the property value during the build period. This 70% is divided into 5% paid upon Reservation, and 65% paid in affordable monthly instalments. The 30% balance is then effectively ‘financed’ by the Developer at 0% interest.

This outstanding 30% is paid off by the rental income of the property – all fully managed by Prosperity. The balance is typically paid off in less than five years, after which you will own the property 100%! 

It also suits buyers that may not wish to apply for a mortgage – as no application is required for this financing option. Finally, this plan is unique in allowing cash buyers the opportunity to leverage at zero % interest. 

The Developer Finance payment plan also means the Rental of your property is fully managed from completion. 

This well-proven model is a hands-free and stress-free solution available only from Prosperity. 

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