Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) policy


This ESG Policy provides an overview of our ESG considerations in how we operate our businesses, engage with our customers, suppliers, and the communities with which we do business.

In line with this, our ESG policy outlines how we evaluate and implement investments and the development of our projects.

The Prosperity Group of companies is committed to identifying and managing ESG considerations at a board, individual and investment level. This policy is implemented by management and reviewed annually to ensure it is in line with ESG best practices as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

The scope of this Policy is to consider The Group’s environmental impact, how we can ensure our social responsibilities are met and consider how key business decisions shape our future direction and growth.

The ESG policy applies to all locations in which The Group operates and to all its directors and employees. Management is responsible for enforcing this ESG Policy and monitoring compliance with it.

ESG principles

This framework integrates global ESG standards which we strive to maintain in all areas of the Group. The three pillars of ESG are highlighted below with standards for each element;


The Prosperity Group is committed to a number of environmental considerations which include:

  • Develop and to deliver zero energy homes in the short-term, against a longer-range plan of zero carbon housing.
  • Developing a carbon reduction plan in line with the UK government PPN 06/21 and NHS net zero standards (on site and off site).
  • Maintaining an ESG strategy.
  • Continued evaluation of the companies impact both on-site and off-site.
  • Considering environmental factors in our business decisions


The Prosperity Group is committed to several social initiatives which include:

  • Offering a healthy work environment to employees.
  • Ensuring employee engagement.
  • Promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • Paying employees fair wages.
  • Donating to and partnering with various charities.


The Prosperity Group is dedicated to ensuring corporate governance across the company by maintaining standards which include:

  • Complying with regulatory standards and procedures.
  • Protecting the personal data of all data subjects.
  • Guarding against fraud by having cybersecurity and robust ALM measures in place.
  • Providing compliance & IT fraud training to employees (off site, office-based employees).
  • Providing appropriate compliance, Health & Safety and welfare facilities (on-site based employees, sub-contractors and work staff).