September 15, 2021

JQ Rise Update Q3 2021


  • Planning permission was granted on the 4 June for the 226 units over 4 to 24 storeys
  • S.106 Agreement executed 23 October 2020.
  • Section 73 Planning Application to amend the existing planning permission to assist with the preferred method of construction has been approved and the S.106 Deed of Variation has been executed.
  • The profession team appointed to deliver the development are working in conjunction with the main contractor to procure the substructure foundations and shell & core packages.
  • The impact of Brexit and the Covid pandemic is impacting on the cost and supply of labour and materials hence the protracted negotiations with preferred contractors to secure the works packages.
  • The ground remediation, pile probing, piling obstruction removals and the construction of the piling mat is complete.
  • Piling works, sub-structure and shell & core works packages are being negotiated with contractors.
  • Piling & Sub-structures and ground floor slabs to commence on site October 21.
  • Superstructure to commence June 22
  • Estimated Completion: 1st Phase, Q1 2023
  • Estimated Completion: 2nd Phase, Q2 2023

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