February 19, 2021

Market Court Site Update Q1 2021


  • Soft strip out works complete
  • Minor demolition works progressing to form the apartment spaces to the 2nd floor apartments.
  • Internal courtyard decking progressing to completion prior to cutting out the existing roof to form the open space.
  • Internal drainage installed allowing raised communal corridors to be completed.
  • Sprinkler installation complete to 2nd & 3rd floors.
  • First fix electric and plumbing complete to the 3rd floor.
  • New external windows and doors fitted to the 3rd floor apartments
  • Dry lining complete to the 3rd floor prior to plastering commencing.
  • New windows to be fitted to the 2nd floor apartments
  • Drylining progressing to the 2nd floor alongside 1st fix electrical and plumbing
  • Estimated completion: Q3 2021

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